Elegance on Elgin

11 Elgin Street, Sudbury, Ontario

Telephone: 705-671-9715   Toll Free: 1-888-671-9715

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Totally renovated

Sage Executive Suites, located at 11 Elgin Street, is part of the re-birthing of a building in the downtown core of the City of Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.
The building itself originated in the early 1900's and carries with it the history and wisdom of its time.

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Our Name

The name "Sage Executive Suites" was inspired by the power and sacredness of one of the most revered herbs among indigenous North American peoples.


Sage is used in smudging ceremonies for cleansing, purifying and bringing positive influence into your space. It is thought to bring strength, clarity to the mind and to promote wisdom.